Public Holidays in Singapore for 2016

Public Holidays in Singapore for 2016
Public Holiday 2016 Singapore
The complete list of public holidays in Singapore is always officially announced by the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore. This year, there are eleven public holidays. If you already established your business in Singapore and employ local talent or overseas workers on employment or other work passes, it is important to note the official regulations governing pubic holidays in Singapore. In case you need your employee to come for work during a public holiday, you need to give her a day off in lieu. Alternatively you can also opt to pay double the normal salary for that particular day if it is agreeable with the employee. Some public holidays as you will see fall on weekends. In that case you need to give a day off on an alternate day or compensate them for the missed holiday.
For 2016, these are the gazetted public holidays to be observed:

New Year’s Day: 1.1.2016 (Friday)

Chinese New Year: 8-9.2. 2016 (Monday & Tuesday)

Good Friday: 25.3.2016 (Friday)

Labour Day: 1.5.2016 (Sunday). The next Monday is public holiday.

Vesak Day: 21.5.2016 (Saturday)

Hari Raya Puasa: 6.7.2016 (Wednesday)

National Day: 9.8.2016 (Tuesday)

Hari Raya Haji: 12.9.2016 (Monday)

Deepavali: 29.10.2016 (Saturday)

Christmas Day: 25.12.2016 (Sunday). The next Monday is public holiday.

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